About Txtwire

Txtwire Technologies was established in 2006 to provide mass communication solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide through the use of voice, email, and text messaging. The company offers a variety of professional services, including short code and long code provisioning, compliance monitoring, and custom API integrations. Txtwire’s global network of partners gives them access to over 700 mobile carriers in 190 countries throughout the world. Reach people where they are, when you need to be heard.

The Executive Team

Dan Beck E1518572667867

Dan Beck

Dan Beck co-founded Txtwire in 2006 in order to develop cutting-edge solutions to simplify business communication challenges. As the CEO of Txtwire, Dan is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company, creating strategic relationships, and leading Txtwire through this amazing era. He fosters an exciting atmosphere of innovation and creativity, ...
Josh Simpson

Josh Simpson

As Txtwire’s Chief Operating Officer, Josh Simpson is responsible for the day-to-day operations as well as the strategic development and execution of Txtwire’s core initiatives. Having spent the last 10 years in Product Development and Project Management, Josh brings a wealth of experience, perspective, and leadership to the Txtwire management team. Prior to joining Txtwire, ...
Leah Dresen

Leah Dresen

EVP of Sales
As Executive Vice President of Sales for Txtwire, Leah is primarily responsible for implementing the sales strategies that have been put in place to insure future growth and sustainability. Those strategies were developed with Txtwire’s core objectives as a focal point. Leah’s 6 years of experience in sales and business development allow her a unique ...