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Consistency: Key to maintaining an effective brand

31848488_SBusinesses today communicate across multiple channels, media and platforms. To be effective, they have to tailor the communications to take advantage of the strengths of each medium, whether it’s broadcasting, social media or SMS text messaging. At the same time, though, it’s important to make sure that the messaging is consistent across all these.

How to do it

Maintaining message consistency across all your communications can be tricky, but there are some straightforward concepts that can guide your communications team.

  • Visual — Use consistent logos, colors and layouts across all media, including print and even business cards (and mCards). And don’t forget about the more traditional, yet effective channels, such as product data sheets, marketing presentations and news releases.
  • Language — Use the same wording wherever possible, particularly brand names, tag lines and tone. However, the call to action should be tailored to the strength of each medium or channel.
  • Guidelines — Because you’ll have different people working on different channels, it’s essential that they communicate with each other and work from a common playbook toward common goals.
  • Verify before posting — Check every message on each platform before it goes out. Two-thirds of shoppers use more than one channel to buy. It’s essential that they get consistent messaging no matter where they find your product or service.

The payoff

Inconsistent messaging — or worse, conflicting messages — can confuse your market, reduce your brand’s value and hurt sales.

By paying close attention to consistent messaging, you’ll build market confidence in your brand, stronger relationships with customers, brand recognition and ultimately achieve your marketing goals.