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Five questions to ask about your SMS marketing gameplan this New Year’s

45065986_SFor a marketer, there is never a dull moment. As consumers becoming increasingly digitally savvy, marketers must understand their movements, determine how best to reach them and position messages that catch their attention and result in a conversion. Yet few customer journeys are this straightforward. Because of that, marketers must think three steps ahead of consumers and work across platforms to ensure their messages are as effective as possible.

That’s especially true of SMS marketing. Although SMS messages are opened at an impressive rate, the challenge for marketers is maintaining this leadership position. Consumers are routinely bombarded with push notifications, social media status updates, viral videos and more.

To ensure your SMS mission is on target, ask yourself and your team the following questions as you realign for 2017:

  1. What is our mission? One of the biggest risks of any marketing campaign is building out tons of content with no purpose. Are you trying to drive mobile sales by a certain percentage? Building your SMS subscriber base? Identify your focus area or areas for maximum success.
  2. What steps are we taking? You can’t achieve a goal unless you have a clear plan of action. Ensure you are maximizing your time, money and talent to fulfill the mission.
  3. What obstacles are in our way? You should be able to see potential challenges as well as the great end result you are targeting. For example, do you find yourself running out of time in the day to adequately write and schedule SMS messages? Tools such as those from Txtwire can help ensure your messages deploy appropriately and produce the desired results, freeing you up to focus your valuable time elsewhere.
  4. How will we know when we’ve arrived? Spell out in writing what success will look like for your marketing team. What is the big number you are aiming for? What will you do to celebrate—and reward your customers—when you get there?
  5. What comes next? This question forces you to stretch your thinking. Imagine achieving that big, audacious goal. Then what? How will you take your SMS strategy to the next level? Engage in some big-picture thinking to come up with the next big goal you’ll tackle when the one on your radar is reached.

Ask these questions to re-center and reenergize your marketing team. From all of us at Txtwire, we hope you have a wonderful new year, and we look forward to helping you achieve your exciting SMS goals in the months ahead.