How Are They Using It

How Are They Using It? – Examples of Corporate Text Marketing

For many, mobile marketing has become the preferred method for advertising and customer outreach. It’s easy to see why. After all, people tend to keep their cell phone within reach at all times. But, sometimes, it can still be difficult for us to see the value in something unless we see it in action. So, how are some of the world’s largest and most recognized corporations using SMS and integrating mobile marketing campaigns with the rest of their advertising efforts?

AMC Theaters


With the steady rise of movie ticket prices over last few years and the accompanying decline of ticket sales, large theater chains need to take advantage of every marketing avenue at their disposal. AMC Theatres was certainly wise to the idea when they launched a successful incentive-based SMS campaign during the summer of 2013.

AMC’s campaign involved distributing calls-to-action in all of their locations in the form of posters, concession stand check-out screens, signs, and even advertisements that appeared on the theater screens between film showings. By offering incentives like drink discounts and coupons, film-goers were encouraged to text the keyword JOIN to their designated short code to opt-in to the chain’s mobile list. They would then receive six messages a month as a part of AMC Theater’s mobile program. Lights! Camera! Calls-to-action!




American Eagle Outfitters


Just as AMC Theaters took advantage of the summer movie season to build interest in their mobile list, so too did popular clothing retailer American Eagle Outfitters make the most of their own annual peak sales period: the holidays! As part of an elaborate, cross-promotional multimedia campaign to help boost the company’s holiday sales and improve customer retention. As a part of this campaign, customers were given the option of choosing a preferred method to receive offers via email or SMS. Messages were delivered to customers on a daily basis.




Best Buy


Another retail chain that took advantage of the high volume foot-traffic that often accompanies the holiday season was electronics empire Best Buy. Noting that SMS marketing allows them to reach a much broader audience than marketing campaigns that require smartphone and app use, the retail behemoth implemented a campaign that prompted customers to opt-in to their mobile list through a holiday-specific keyword. Customers would then be sent a daily message with a link to a specific offer each day leading up to the end of the year.

This is their list of current mobile campaigns.


Burger King


In June 2014, fast food burger chain Burger King experimented with a new delivery system for mobile coupons using a self-service ad platform. Advertisements endorsing the Burger King breakfast menu were commissioned to appear on high-traffic mobile sites based on the creation, deployment, and analysis of rich media that was geotargeted. The testing for this new type of self-targeting mobile ad took place at five store locations and proved that fast food chain remained committed to mobile marketing by moving away from banner ad usage.




MGM Grand


Thanks to advances in mobile technology and the advent of SMS marketing, whatever happens in Vegas, no longer stays in Vegas. The MGM Grand hotel casino has been making use of mobile campaigns for years and continues to motivate tourists and casino-goers to opt-in to their mobile list by offering incentives like coupons, room discounts, dining discounts, and tickets to live shows. By texting MGM GRAND to the short code 504-35, you’ll be prompted by a message telling you to reply YES to consent to receive marketing and to confirm that you are over the age of 21. Upon replying, you’ll be all set to receive up to six messages a month.