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How public transit uses text messages to keep customers informed

FINAL taxi photo_TxtwireSuppose you’re running late for dinner. What do you do? Text the person with whom you’ll be eating and give them a heads up that you will be late. Or imagine your child is out past curfew. What’s the fastest way to check in with Mom and Dad? A text, of course, even though the “You’re grounded!” speech is likely to follow.

In the same way, public transit agencies are rapidly adopting text message-based services that help passengers better understand transportation schedules, wait times and route changes. Rather than relying on customers to check a desktop website, place a phone call or read an electronic message board at the main terminal, transit agencies are connecting with riders directly to share details of upcoming routes.

This not only helps when buses, subways, taxis and other vehicles are operating on time, but also when they are delayed. If an emergency occurs, Txtwire’s SMS services for transit will ensure the message gets to the people who will be affected by it. You can even hail a cab using SMS, saving time and keeping you in out of the cold as summer temperatures depart and fall weather arrives.

At a time when life seems to move so quickly, the last thing your customers need to encounter is an unexpected delay in transit routes that spills over into bad PR on social media and other online platforms. Prioritize customer service by integrating SMS into your transit strategy. You’ll be amazed at the response.