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How to communicate kindness and care via SMS this holiday season

Hands holding a heart Love concept identity business card icon vector logoEveryone needs a little pick-me-up, and the holidays are the perfect time of year to deliver SMS messages that communicate how much your business or organization cares about its subscribers.

Appreciation goes a long way, as business research reveals. CEO Eric Mosley of Globoforce, a social recognition company, has written that gratitude is critical because it boosts motivation and a sense of commitment to the organization while improving engagement, emotional wellness and more.

You can apply these principles to your SMS strategy whether you operate a retail business or are managing volunteers during the holidays. Here are some simple ways to show kindness using text messages this winter:

Share an inspirational quote. All of us enjoy learning from the wisdom of people, contemporary and in the past, who have given the world insight into the human condition. Use websites such as brainyquote.com to find words that will inspire and delight your subscribers at this time of year and demonstrate how grateful you are for their loyalty.

Express a kind word. Select your message based on your subscribers. If you are part of a church congregation, consider letting members know how much they are valued and include a reference to a Scripture that will encourage them. If you manage a direct-sales organization, let subscribers know how much you value their business and interest in the latest products you are selling.

Host an event. If many subscribers live near your place of business, consider hosting a holiday reception with food and beverages. Say thank you to these loyal subscribers in person and alert them to mark their calendars via SMS.

Communicating in this way can reduce stress for your subscribers during the hectic holiday season and make them feel valued. It’s an easy yet powerful opportunity for managers of businesses and organizations everywhere. To learn how you can connect compassionately with your subscribers, visit the Txtwire website.