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Mobile Compliance, Brand Interactions through SMS, and Messaging Strategies – The Friday Five

Welcome to “the Friday Five,” our new bi-monthly feature that highlights articles from around the web to give readers insight into the inner workings of the SMS industry and offer mobile marketers valuable information and helpful advice.


Mobile Marketing: What the new SMS rules mean for marketers

Marguerite McNeal

In the wake of a revision made to the TCPA in October of 2013, New School Marketing blog writer Marguerite McNeal composed this brief but helpful guide for marketers that may have been a little panicked over what the new changes meant for keeping compliance standards. Even though a year has passed, it’s still worth a read. In fact, keeping this post bookmarked is recommended as it’s a wonderful resource to always have on hand. Until the guidelines change yet again, that is.


Smartphone Users Estimate That 1 in 6 SMS Exchanges Are With Brands


Moving on from compliance, the next entry on the list addresses the prevalence of brand to consumer messaging within the context of SMS. The staff of MarketingCharts reported on a study conducted by Loudhouse that revealed that 1 in 6 SMS interactions are with brands. Head on over to the link provided for the staff’s comprehensive breakdown of Loudhouse’s data.


Revealed: The Best Way to Personalize

Roger Dooley

Switching gears for our third entry on the list, Roger Dooley over at Neuromarketing put together an excellent piece highlighting some of the marketing knowledge accrued from Steve J. Martin, Noah Goldstein, and Robert Cialdini’s lead-generating self-help book “The Small Big.” Dooley’s article is informative in it’s own right, exploring the impact that making small changes to the way you approach message personalization can have on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Papa John’s Brings Customer Feedback to Pizza Boxes with SMS and QR Codes

Alex Spencer

Much like entry three, the fourth article focuses squarely on customer/marketer interactions, albeit in a much different way. Mobile Marketing Magazine contributor Alex Spencer revealed an intriguing method that Papa John’s marketers developed to receive customer feedback through SMS and through QR codes placed on pizza boxes. The Papa John’s campaign represents yet another creative application of SMS marketing and Spencer’s coverage is certainly worth checking out!


Mobile Marketing: 4 Ways To Keep It Relevant

Rieva Lesonsky

The final entry for this week is this exhaustive, eye-opening primer on message content that GrowBiz Media CEO Rieva Lesonsky composed for AT&T and was later featured on Forbes. Using illuminating data found in a recent study by Hipcricket, Lesonsky’s piece offers marketers important tips for implementing a mobile strategy that will help them see results and keep opt-in users happy. A definite must-read for any businesses that utilizes SMS.