Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing

Why are companies like Instagram being sold for 1 BILLION dollars?  It’s because mobile marketing gets results.  At the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona in February 2010, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, announced that Google will consider “mobile first” in all future endeavors.

[Tweet “Simply put mobile is the future, it’s going big whether you are with it or not. “]

Mobile and You

By now you have probably heard about this whole mobile thing. Maybe you are in love with apps, thinking of starting a text list, or maybe you just like the convenience of sending a text to a friend.  Like nearly all Americans, you have some sort of mobile device and carry it with you constantly because it connects you to friends, family and holds all your favorite pictures and music.

That’s why it’s valuable.

That being said, it’s worth your time to understand how businesses use mobile.  Let me give you a powerful example of what mobile can do.  The other day I decided to try out one of those food trucks by our office.  It had the MOST AMAZING BURRITOS.  I’m talking sooooo good. So I gladly opted into their text list to take part in a promotion.  I am looking forward to the day when they text me and give me some sort of reason to come back.  Furthermore, when I receive a text message offering some sort of deal that I will be the first in line.  I’ll probably bring a co-worker along with me too and they will have generated revenue, as well as gained a new customer all from a text message. I get what I want, they get what they want.  Perfect.

That is the essence of mobile.  It’s not about trendy new phones and apps that will eventually get old and give way to other devices from other brands.  It’s about giving people what they want, exactly when they want it.  And the best way to do that across platforms is via SMS text messages.

What you should do

If you are anything like me you are nodding your head and thinking something like:  “EXACTLY, this sounds great! Will you tell me more?  What are the best resources for learning about mobile marketing? ” And that’s why I’ve compiled this short list of great resources to learn any and everything about the rapidly expanding mobile space that we live in.  Here are the top 5 sites that I would recommend looking into:

We at Txtwire have spent the last six years handling text messages and interacting with mobile phone users via SMS.  That means we know our stuff.  I mean, you would too if you were sending out 2-3 MILLION text messages a week.

Oh, and check out this quick and simple video about what mobile marketing can do for your company:


All of Txtwire’s experience in mobile shows that it is today’s most powerful tool for communication.  People watch videos, surf the web, and find every and anything via their cell phones. It gives them exactly what they want, when they want it.