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Hurricane Irma

There are many organizations that need our help after Hurricane Irma devastated Florida and the Caribbean. Find out how to donate to those in need with these tips: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/08/us/hurricane-irma-help-donate.html

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Young Americans use mobile devices in job search

More than half of young Americans use their smartphones to search for a job, even to fill out an online job application.

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Consistency: Key to maintaining an effective brand

Businesses today communicate across multiple channels, media and platforms. To be effective, they have to tailor the communications to take advantage of the strengths of each medium, whether it’s broadcasting, social media or SMS text messaging. At the same time, though, it’s important to make sure that the messaging is consistent across all these. How to do it Maintaining message consistency across all your communications can be tricky, but there are some straightforward concepts that can...

Good policy.

Good policy requires good communication. Here’s how government offices can benefit from SMS marketing tools and services.

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Keep on top of the hot real estate market with SMS

Real estate professionals can use SMS messaging to keep their customers ahead of the crowd with instant messages about properties that will move fast.


Follow the rules.

SMS compliance can seem complex, but at Txtwire, we make it easy. Here’s how you can send text messages with peace of mind.

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