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Telecom carrier claims victory over scammers

Globe Telecom claims that new anti-spam and blocking technology it implemented in 2014 has reduced the rate of scam text messages in its network has dropped by more than 94 percent over the past four years.


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Ethics is smart business practices in marketing.

Don’t send marketing text messages to contacts without their permission.

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“To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” — Thomas Edison

“To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” — Thomas Edison

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Blackberry sues Facebook over Messenger

Blackberry, makers of the once-dominant smartphone and now leading the development of driverless car software, is suing Facebook, alleging WhatsApp and Instagram copied technology from Blackberry Messenger.


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Text message marketing works

Successful market relationships are built on trust. Selling your list of customers’ contact information immediately breaks that trust. People give you their information trusting that you’ll keep it confidential.

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What is audience segmentation and why should you care?

Marketing requires a careful balance between broad reach and narrow targeting. For your marketing communications campaign to succeed, you have to deliver the right message to the right audience. You need to motivate your market to take the action you want: buy your product, come to your shop, show up for your event. Getting people to take action requires that you know as much as you can about what motivates them. Why should they care about your product, service, business or event? In short,...
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Take care when texting a prospective client

If you know that your prospective client is an avid user of text messaging, it’s okay to send them a text as your first contact — as long as your text clearly identifies you first.

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