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Tips for writing effective text messages.

48482327_SIn the last blog, we outlined some of the principles behind optimal text messaging, such as knowing your audience and sending messages that have a value or benefit for them.

But what about the wording — the actual message itself. Here are some tips you can use to write SMS text messages that your audience will respond to.

1. Personalize

SMS messaging with tools like Txtwire’s Manage allows you to send individualized messages to each person in your marketing lists. Make your messages appeal directly to them by starting with their name.

2. Provide a benefit

Readers always wonder “What’s in it for me?” Your text message campaign should provide clear benefits that appeal to your audience’s personal interests, wants and needs.

3. Don’t use ALL CAPS

ALL CAPS has been the equivalent of yelling since the beginning of email and texting. If you want to stress something, use strong words.

4. Punctuate when necessary

Don’t overuse multiple question marks (???) or exclamation points (!!!). Use a single question mark if you want to ask your recipient something, such as “Do you want to save money?”

Use a maximum of one exclamation point per message, and only where necessary.

5. Avoid abbreviations

Short forms, acronyms and abbreviations can be tempting when you’re trying to fit a message into 160 characters, but not everyone will understand them. Jargon and texting slang (like “b4” for “before” or “HRU” for “how are you”) are also prone to misunderstanding, and make your message look less professional.