The all-encompassing hub of the Txtwire dashboard, the Manage tool, has no shortage of options for implementing your mobile campaign. The Auto Responder allows you to create automated response messages for subscribers. Drip Campaigns consist of a series of predefined messages that can be sent at specific intervals or triggering events. And finally, the List Upload feature allows you to upload contact lists from existing records so you can quickly begin communicating!

Drip Campaigns
Fully Customizable.

Emerging as one of the most effective contemporary advertising tools on the market, drip campaigns allow you to gradually “drip” specific information to customers via SMS messaging and e-mail. Choose the number of messages you want customers to receive and when they will receive them.

Provide Rich Content

Although drip campaigns are automated, the content contained within the messages can include virtually anything. The content can be educational, promotional, or even refer specifically to time sensitive events.

List Upload
Stay Organized.

When it comes to managing a successful SMS marketing campaign, organization is key. That’s why Txtwire has provided users with the List Upload feature, which allows you to catalogue subscribers based on a large array of customizable markers.

Save Time

The List Upload feature allows you to compile lists from your existing records on other platforms and upload them to the dashboard all at once, offering you a concise, time-saving alternative to adding each contact manually.