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Whether you’re a campaigner, a candidate running for public office, or the member of an agency, you need to be able to reach as many people as possible in a timely manner. Campaigns succeed or fail based on the number of volunteers and voters assembled for your cause and agencies need to be able to address emergencies and important changes quickly.

With the Txtwire platform you can send out emergency alerts and notifications, build your support base with opt-ins and polling,and keep everyone current with internal messaging. We give you everything you need to run a successful campaign and manage agency communication.


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We want you to experience the power of the Txtwire platform. The following demo will send a series of text messages over the course of a few hours. These messages show you sample texts used to manage campaigns, keep employees up-to-date, and ensure that the general public remains informed during a crisis. Think about the possibilities texting could create for you, and we’ll discuss your ideas during our complimentary consultation.

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Essential features for officials and campaign managers:

API Integration

Integrating with Txtwire’s robust API allows you to use your existing software to send messages and use our products directly, streamlining the process of managing mobile groups and interacting with our platform.

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Making sure that all of your associates are up-to-date on meeting times, schedule changes, and emergencies is essential.The reports section of the Txtwire dashboard allows you to see who has received your messages so that you can make sure that everyone stays informed.

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The dashboard Manage tab allows agencies and officials compose automatic response messages, create and manage long-term drip campaigns, and upload and organize subscriber lists.

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