Complying with all TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) regulations is extremely important. Breaches and violations can often result in fines and disconnected service. Txtwire monitors your contact to ensure that you are compliant. We also provide you with all compliance documentation and a full array of support tools.

Phone Number Validation

Txtwire offers businesses a number of tools to help with compliance issues. Upload a list of numbers and we’ll tell you which ones are valid cell phones, landlines, or invalid numbers with our Phone Number Validation feature.

SMS eSigning

Txtwire’s SMS eSigning feature eliminates the need for physical documentation, allowing important contracts to be signed over SMS while ensuring that all compliance regulations are met.

Age Verification

When it comes to maintaining industry compliance standards, controlling your content distribution is very important. That’s why Txtwire’s Age Verification feature allows you to screen participants younger than the legal age to receive restricted content.

Compliance Support
In-house Help.

Txtwire’s in-house compliance team continuously monitors the ever-changing rules and regulations of the mobile industry to ensure that your company is protected.

Monitor and Manage

Internal audits are conducted regularly to identify potential compliance violations. If an issue ever arises, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to remedy the problem and ensure that your campaigns run smoothly.

Compliance Review

Simply email us your marketing collateral or web-based call-to-actions and we’ll review it to ensure you’re compliant with all carrier regulations and industry best practices.