Text Polling and Live Q&A

Txtwire has the perfect platform to give you a direct link to your customers. With our text polling and live Q&A tools, you can keep audience members engaged, collect valuable survey data, and receive direct feedback about your event. Stay up-to-date with real-time account notifications.

*Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to 91011 to cancel. Text HELP to 91011 for help. T&C: www.txtwire.com/sc/c91011

Text Polling

The Results Are In.

Txtwire’s SMS polling feature is the perfect tool to help you captivate audiences by allowing them to take part in live polls with their mobile phones. Participants simply text their answer to a designated number and the results will automatically be displayed in real time.

Meetings and Presentations

Txtwire’s SMS polling service is the perfect way to keep your co-workers engaged during lengthy early morning presentations. Receive immediate feedback from your audience through the interactivity of live polling.


Have a great new product or service that you’re thrilled to share with your customers? SMS polling can get the word out just as your latest attraction hits the market, ensuring that your customers can share in all the excitement.


Increasing revenue is all about supply and demand. By creating surveys through SMS polling, you can find exactly what your customers want and help your business grow in the process.

Live Events

Txtwire’s SMS polling option represent the perfect way to engage audience members for concerts, radio shows, and other live events. Ask participants to vote on issues being discussed on the program or the next song to play. The choice is yours!

Host Contests

There are few things that customers enjoy more than the opportunity to win prizes and engage in a little friendly competition. Txtwire’s SMS polling service makes hosting contests a cinch and guarantees that everyone can feel like a winner.

Polling Accuracy

While scores on paper ballots can be miscalculated and the ballots themselves can be lost, the digital nature of SMS polling makes it a far more accurate method of accruing feedback from the general public. And because SMS polling limits the votes to one per mobile number, the possibility of “ballot stuffing” is no longer a concern.

Live Q&A

Interact in Real-Time.

Txtwire’s Live Q&A feature represents another powerful, non intimidating way to gather questions and comments from your audience. Our user friendly interface allows you to view the questions and respond to them publicly or privately as well as collectively or individually.

Account Notifications

Stay Up-to-date.

Txtwire also provides account notifications for specific events, allowing you to stay informed through SMS and Email updates.

Appointment Reminders

Did you know that medical offices miss an average of one to two appointments a day? Txtwire’s Account Notifications feature is the perfect way to remind patients of appointments and reduce the number of no-shows.