What if there was a way to view and manage all of your SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter responses in one location? With Txtwire’s All-In-One Inbox you can! Keeping track of all of the most important aspects of your business is now easier than ever before.

Manage Subscribers

The dashboard inbox also represents a fast and easy way to manage your subscriber list. You can subscribe and unsubscribe numbers directly from the inbox and search for specific numbers within the list itself.

Full Access

All organizations within your customized organization tree are accessible within the the inbox. Streamlining communication avenues within your business, the inbox and 2-Way Dialog feature give you complete, unfettered access to every group and division that you’ve created.


The dashboard inbox gives you several tools to help you organize and keep track of your messages. You can create folders to divide and manage important, time-sensitive messaging. The inbox also gives you the ability to search for specific messages that remain within your queue.