The modern world has become transformed by globalization and is now more interconnected than ever before. Being able to reach clients at nearly any location is imperative. Because we make use of Short Codes, Long Codes, domestic numbers, international numbers, and a large array of aggregators and delivery methods, Txtwire’s reach is essentially unrivaled.

Short Codes
Fast Delivery.

When it comes to implementing an SMS campaign with a more traditional marketing platform, Short Codes are absolutely essential. Because they are much shorter than a standard phone number, creating memorable keywords for Short Codes is quick, easy, and effective.

Save Time and Money

Short Codes have a number of advantages over other message delivery methods. Each message costs less to send and Short Codes are known for their fast delivery time.


Submitting the required paperwork to the right people can be a monotonous and confusing process. That’s why Txtwire will submit the paperwork on your behalf, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


We’ll help you find the short code that is right for you and will include the lease fee with your regular monthly or quarterly bill.

Activation and Testing

Before a short code goes live, Txtwire will conduct end-to-end testing with the carriers to ensure your short code is functioning properly.

Compliance and Convenience

Another reason why Short Codes remain a popular delivery method is the fact that they provide a more consistent user experience because only one code is necessary. This is also why carriers prefer the use of Short Codes: compliance standards are much easier to maintain with only one code.

Review and Comply

Simply email us your marketing collateral or web-based call-to-actions and we’ll review it to ensure you’re compliant with all carrier regulations and industry best practices.

Long Codes

Worldwide SMS.

Because Short Codes are restricted to national borders, Long Codes provide businesses with the greatest opportunity for international accessibility. They also take full advantage of Txtwire’s Voice and SMS features.

International Access

Our long codes are able to reach over 770 mobile carriers and 190 countries throughout the world.

Ease of Deployment

Don’t wait the standard 60-90 days for a short code to be provisioned. Select from Txtwire’s large inventory of long codes and start sending messages immediately.

Multiple Area Codes

Long code numbers may be ordered with almost any area code in the US and Canada. Requests for custom long code numbers can usually be fulfilled within a few days.

Use SMS and Voice

Use our long codes to send and receive both SMS & Voice calls on the same number. Forward voice calls to the destination of your choice.