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How to use social media to promote your SMS service

Human hand hold a smartphone and sending messages to friends via messenger app Flat illustrationAs an organization that values SMS, you understand the importance of building a base of subscribers, connecting regularly with fans and checking in periodically via cellphone.

All of those steps are required to nurture existing customers. Yet when it comes to growing your fan base, it’s important to think outside the box by moving beyond people you already know.

How are you reaching new people with your SMS services? One answer might be social media. For little to no cost, you can promote your text-messaging on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, bringing new subscribers into the fold.

For example, you might take one or more of the following steps, depending on the channels where prospective subscribers spend time:

Facebook: Ask your in-house artist to design an illustration that explains, in three steps or fewer, how to connect via SMS. Post this visual once per week with a few lines of original text that make the image fresh and eye-catching. Monitor your list of subscribers for results.

Instagram: Seek out existing subscribers by posting fliers at your place of business. Ask them to take and post selfies along with a hashtag that promotes your SMS service. Then share those images periodically from your business account and award a small prize or coupon to those who’ve participated to encourage new subscriptions.

Twitter: Post a fun, simple message once or twice per week that encourages SMS signups with a link to your website for more information. Make sure to retweet and like any posts that share a positive experience with your SMS alerts.

These are just a few examples, but there are many more opportunities to tell prospective subscribers about your SMS offerings. Continue to use existing channels to promote services, and be sure to mention them as you interact face to face with your clients. The process can be fun, easy and rewarding.