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Why you should use SMS marketing: Three key statistics

Drive down many highways in the U.S. and you’ll see the ubiquitous billboard—a large rectangle that proclaims messages from retailers, nonprofits and educational institutions to anyone with eyesight better than a mole’s.

They’re big, loud and impossible to miss. Billboards are all about marketing with heft and a really big footprint.

Now consider SMS marketing. Not only do text messages add a degree of connectivity that other forms of communication do not—after all, you’re connecting one-on-one with customers—they also can be written in such a way that’s conversational, subtle and meaningful. That’s not exactly the billboard’s cup of tea.

That’s not to say billboards don’t have their place; it’s simply to say SMS marketing allows you to reach your customer in more places in a way that’s totally acceptable (and even expected) by today’s standards.

With that in mind, make sure your business has a working SMS marketing strategy. If not, ask our team at Txtwire how we can help you get started. Consider the following statistics, which show the importance of expanding your SMS marketing footprint sooner rather than later:

  1. 98% is the open rate at which people view text messages,  compared to just 22% for email
  2. 97% of smartphone users employ text messaging, according to one study, making it the most-used app of all
  3. 70% of people on the planet will own a cellphone in 2017

Those figures sure leave an impression on us. If you’re interested in learning more about SMS marketing and its potential to reach a variety of audiences, whether global or right in your own neighborhood, contact us today at 877-652-0030 or via our website. We look forward to working with you!