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Take me to the Fair.

It’s no secret that tens-of-thousands of people attend state and county fairs. In fact, over 110,000 people attended the Iowa State Fair on one day! Did you know that 98% of SMS messages are opened and read? That means that if you were to collect 10,000 names, 9,800 of those people would open and read your message. With numbers like that, why wouldn’t you start collecting information to grow your marketing database?

Txtwire provides you with the ability to gather and store all emails, phone numbers, and names that you collect from events, giveaways, and other data-mining opportunities. With that information, you can then promote upcoming events, build a database, and start conversations. Many businesses are moving in the direction of using mobile marketing to enhance their social media marketing. Fairs and rodeos should join them in this movement. Txtwire can help save you time, and help increase revenue. What have you got to lose?


Making Life Easy

Jordan Wixom – Marketing, East Idaho State Fair
We never know what the weather is going to be like and rain can cancel our horse races… Before we weren’t able to let everyone know if the horse races were cancelled, and now with Txtwire we can immediately send out a text to everyone letting them know that an event has been cancelled. It’s really easy.

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We want you to experience the power of the Txtwire platform. The following demo will send a series of text messages over the course of a few hours. These messages show you sample texts used to increase attendance and keep fair-goers engaged. Think about the possibilities texting could create for you, and we’ll discuss your ideas during our complimentary consultation.

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*Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to 877-652-0030 to cancel. Text HELP to 877-652-0030 for help. T&C:

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Essential features for coordinators, planners, and fair officials:


The dashboard Manage tab allows fair officials to compose automatic response messages, create and manage long-term drip campaigns, and upload and organize subscriber lists.

Manage >


Text Polling

The dashboard polling feature allows fair officials to keep attendees engaged before, during, and even after the fair has concluded. Polling also gives you the opportunity to receive direct feedback from those who attended, so you can make changes to future fairs if necessary.

Text Polling >


Message Center

The dashboard message center is the place to manage all of your messages and notifications. It contains a number of tools designed to make your messaging process easy and efficient, so that you can focus on attendees.

Message Center >