2015 Mobile Predictions 2

2015 Mobile Predictions, SMS in Science, and Drip Campaigns – The Friday Five

Welcome to our first 2015 installment of “the Friday Five,” a bi-monthly feature that highlights articles from around the web to give readers insight into the inner workings of the SMS industry and offer mobile marketers valuable information and helpful advice.


R U Ok? Mobile Phones Monitor Vaccine Response

Timothy Oliver

Our first entry for the week is a news article from Science Network contributor Timothy Oliver. It details a very unique application for SMS: a real-time safety monitoring system for immunized pregnant women. Conducted by the UWA and the WA Department of Health, the program required feedback from pregnant women that had been immunized with the trivalent influenza vaccine (TIV). The article is an interesting read and it illustrates the full breadth and diversity of the applications that are possible with SMS.


7 Steps to Creating Killer Drip Campaigns

Jon Parrish

Switching gears a little, the next entry on our list is an advice column from Citygro founder and CEO Jon Parrish. Parrish’s thorough 7 step guide addresses one of the most difficult tools to successfully master in the world of modern marketing: the drip campaign. From identifying potential barriers to customer conversion to setting triggers, Parrish’s article is an incredible reference for creating effective drip campaigns. Bookmark this one!


5 Reasons to Try Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business

Brett Nuckles

The third entry on the list is a little more back-to-basics than the previous entries. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Business News Daily Tech Editor Brett Nuckles composed a list of five compelling reasons that small businesses should take advantage of SMS marketing and he effectively highlights many of the medium’s key strengths.


7 Strategies for Better Text Message Marketing

Stephanie Miles

As lists appear to be a running theme with this week’s Friday Five, we’d like to highlight a piece composed by Street Fight contributor Stephanie Miles. Her list is of 7 incredibly useful text message marketing strategies designed to help marketers improve and revitalize their SMS campaigns. From encouraging customer interaction to making your local advertising actionable, Mills has got you covered!


6 Mobile Predictions for 2015

Greg Hickman

And appropriately rounding out our very first Friday Five of 2015 is SMS guru Greg Hickman’s “6 Mobile Predictions for 2015.” This installment of the seminal Mobile Mixed podcast features Hickman’s trademark insight into the mobile industry, bolstered by statements from digital industry executives like Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook and Morgan McAlenney, EVP of Digitail for the Integer Group. The feature is an excellent run-down of what trends, behaviors, and innovations to look for in 2015 and is a definite must-listen for mobile marketers.