A Message From Our CEO

Here at Txtwire we believe that communication can be simplified, not just for individuals, but for companies as well. We’ve been working hard since 2006 to provide businesses and organizations with a simple solution for all of their communication needs. From SMS to email, social media to voice broadcasting, Txtwire provides intuitive tools for countless industries to communicate with customers and employees, and market their business to potential clients.

Txtwire has a standard of excellence. We are real people, not robots just clocking hours. We are a team of passionate, experienced, driven individuals, committed to providing our customers with excellent products and services. We welcome challenges and innovation. We’re excited when a customer provides feedback. We look forward to making new things; and we look forward to making them with you.

Here are a few of our achievements from 2013:

  • Increased messages sent by 25% over previous year
  • Requests handled by system increased by 110% over previous year
  • Ended the year with a 86% support satisfaction rating
  • Our systems now support 34 languages in 190 countries to 770 mobile carriers
  • Released the Txtwire App for both iTunes and Google Play
  • New version of the API documentation released
  • Feature updates for List Upload, Polling, and Reports tab
  • Executive team attended CTIA and looks forward to attending in 2014
  • Attended 6 national trade showsExpanded office locations in both Utah and Idaho
  • Opened channel of opportunity with Txtwire Financial, a rising sister company

And here’s what we have in store for 2014:

  • New dashboard
  • Redesigns for both the MCard and Inbox features
  • System status updates via social media
  • Larger beta testing opportunities on upcoming features
  • Expanding data center to other facilities

We look forward to an exciting, innovative year in 2014. We will continue to work with you to meet your needs, as well as to provide you with new products and services to assist you and your business. We want you to succeed, and we’ll work hard to see that you do.