Building Relationships, Business, & Revenue


The franchise owner of Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt store, wanted a simple way to improve her business with customer surveys and keep an eye on the store when she was away. She decided to implement the tools that we offer her here at Txtwire, and saw some amazing results.


Orange Leaf decided to test out mobile marketing using Txtwire’s free trial. After one month, Orange Leaf gained 356 subscribers to their marketing campaign, and 236 survey responses to questions like “How did you hear about us?” and “What is one thing you would like to change or improve?”

After one month they decided to send out a coupon to see how effective their campaign had been. They saw an incredible response rate; there were 45 mobile coupons redeemed (that is a 12.6% redemption rate!) as well as $275.45 in revenue. If Orange Leaf had been utilizing Txtwire’s paid service, that many texts would have cost $17.80, making their return on investment 1,546%. However, because they had enrolled in our free trial, there was no cost to them.

How They Utilized Mobile Marketing

  1. Their campaign was promoted using table tents, a window cling, and a cashier stand that comes included in with their account.
  2. Customers must opt-in to receive mobile marketing messages, and Orange Leaf chose to use “text ‘LEAF’ to 88588 to get 6 oz of frozen yogurt free”
  3. (Go ahead, text “LEAF” to 88588 to see what they experienced!)

  4. Gathered email addresses, phone numbers, and survey responses to improve their business
  5. Sent out a coupon to subscribers through their mobile device.


Orange Leaf was able to build customer relationships, improve their business, and bring in revenue all because of a simple marketing campaign that Txtwire provided for free. Their results were spectacular, but they aren’t out of the ordinary. In fact, it can be just as simple for your business to see similar success, using the tools that Txtwire provides.

Go ahead and sign up for a free trial. We won’t even take your credit card information. And with businesses like Orange Leaf seeing an ROI of 1.546% without spending a penny, what have you got to lose?