Mobile Marketing Tips

As an industry leader in SMS and text message services, Txtwire is confident in the effectiveness of mobile marketing. The possibilities are endless when a mobile marketing campaign is optimized. That’s why we want to share with you some of Txtwire’s mobile marketing tips so you can get the most out of your mobile campaign.

  1. Offer Incentives:
  2. Give potential clients an incentive for opting into your text message campaign. Offer a giveaway or discount upon opting in.

  3. Be Clear & Simple:
  4. A little lesser known issue we see occur is opt-in processes being unclear. Do not put your keyword or short code in quotations as many people will add the quotations into their text, thus a failed opt in.

  5. Existing Marketing:
  6. Add your keyword, short code, or opt in process to your existing marketing. If you’re running radio, print, TV, social media, billboards and or marquees, insert your opt in process to those campaigns as well.

  7. POS Terminals:
  8. Add the opt in process at your ‘point of sale’ locations. This includes pop-up tents, table toppers, window clings, and any other call to action signs.

  9. Exclusivity:
  10. Send messages and exclusive specials that only your SMS list has access too. Create specials specific for those VIP mobile customers.

  11. Identify Yourself:
  12. Don’t forget to identify who the message was sent from. Adding a business name and or store location will create identification, increase awareness, and will make your message more personal.

  13. Use a Call to Action:
  14. Make it simple and easy for the customer to understand what you want them to do and give them a clear way to act upon it.

  15. Too Much to Say:
  16. Don’t push your limit on content. Include your website or mobile link so your customers will be able to read more about the promotion or campaign details.

Beginning your own mobile marketing campaign can be difficult. Without an idea of what consumers want, it can be hard to know what to say and do. As long as you provide a exciting enough offer or special and follow these tips, your campaign will be ready for some large growth.