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Text Message Marketing Advice – The Friday Five

Intro to The Friday Five:
Every other Friday we plan to highlight five online articles, videos, or posts that pertain to a specific topic. The articles themselves will usually relate to the SMS industry or mobile marketing. But really, any other piece that we feel provides information that is important, relevant, and helpful is up for grabs.


What Everybody Ought To Know About Text Message Marketing

Greg Hickman

Over at Mobile Mixed, SMS guru Greg Hickman offers mobile marketing novices an incredibly comprehensive beginner’s guide to the industry, covering everything from calls-to-action to compliance. A definite must-read for those new to the world of mobile, or really anyone who has ever participated in a mobile campaign, for that matter.


11 SMS Marketing Best-Practices for Better, Results-Driven Text Messaging Campaigns

R.J. Talyor

MarketingProfs contributor R. J. Talyor’s lengthy primer represents the perfect way to take the deep dive into the world of mobile marketing. Taylor’s tips are insightful and varied and he addresses everything from the importance of composing meaningful message content to choosing the most effective short code.


SMS Marketing – Start with Service and Add Promotion Carefully

Kern Lewis

Marketing consultant and Forbes contributor Kern Lewis composed a sharp and informative piece about mobile marketing for the business news juggernaut very recently. In addition to providing readers with a number of noteworthy statistics, he echoed many of the same sentiments as others on this list by emphasizing the importance of creating content that provides value to customers, rather than just pumping out sales pitches.


Ultimate Guide to Mobile Social Media: Phone and Tablet Strategies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

Kevan Lee

Ok, the next entry on the list isn’t technically covering mobile marketing, but rather the effect of widespread mobile usage on social media marketing and how it has changed advertising in social media. Besides providing invaluable information on executing a successful social media campaign for mobile platforms, buffersocial contributor Kevan Lee also does an exemplary job illustrating the profound impact that mobile has had on every facet of modern advertising.


Get Ahead of the Mobile Herd: 5 Best Practices for Mobile-Optimized Marketing

Eric Kim

Much like the first entry on this list, this helpful Marketo Blog article by Eric Kim compiles a list of it’s own: this time in the form of five best practices for mobile marketing. From creating unique message content for interactions that are mobile-specific to making use of native apps, Eric’s post features more essential reading for aspiring mobile marketers.